Thursday, November 25, 2010

Five Reasons to Create a Shade Perennial Garden

Shade perennial gardens are beautiful additions to any home and landscape. Here are five excellent reasons to consider creating a shade perennial garden at your home:

1) Perennial shade gardens create cool and peaceful garden retreats. Shade gardens also provide a valuable respite from the sun during hot days. Perennial shade flowers and plants tend to create color combination selections that are quite relaxing in nature. You will find that a shade garden is a great place to spend a few moments (or longer) after a stressful day, to unwind.

2) Perennial shade gardens are generally low maintenance. By relying on perennial plants instead of annuals, you will spend less time gardening and more time enjoying your garden space. Shade perennial gardens also tend to grow more slowly than their full sun cousins, allowing you more time and flexibility in terms of maintenance.

3) Perennial shade gardens will put shady portions of your yard to good use. Often home owners mistakenly assume that little will grow in the shade, but this is not true. You will find many excellent articles here on this website about what plants and flowers will grow in shady regions of your yard and garden. For examples, see “Top Five Shade Perennial Flowers” and “Shade Loving Perennial Garden Plants.”

4) Shade perennial gardens will help increase your home's property value. Any landscaping effort you make that creates beautiful spaces around your home will make your home more valuable. Shade perennial gardens not only contribute to create a beautiful environment for you to enjoy but they also help increase the value of the property you own.

5) Shade perennial gardens are wonderful places to entertain family and friends. Because of their relaxing nature and because they are out of direct sunlight, shade gardens are an excellent location to hold a friendly tea party, or in which to put your grill for a lunch or dinner party.

By investing in a shade perennial garden today, you will ensure a beautiful space to enjoy for years to come!